The Scarred

Anaheim, California, United States

Garage punk

Years active

Jailhouse Records, Basement Records, Punk Core Records

Associated acts
Prima Donna, Cheap Sex, Rezurex, Destruct, Jeffree Star


Justin Scarred
Ben 9000
Matt “Monkey” Hatcher
Byron Sinn

Past members
Isha Rose
Dan Mulvey
Andy WhitePatrick Clancy
Nate Felon

The Scarred was a garage punk band from Anaheim, California formed in 2003, on the East Coast-based label Jailhouse records. In the punk rock scene, they are one of the only old school punk bands active from Anaheim, and known for bridging the sound between 70s Punk rock, soul, and classic rock and roll.[1][2]


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1.1 Repression
1.2 No Solution
1.3 2007 – 2008
1.4 At Half Mast
1.5 2010 and on

2 Permanent Hiatus
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The Scarred formed in 2003 by Justin Scarred, Matt “Monkey” Hatcher, and Isha Rose. The three had been in bands before and quickly set to work playing live shows with such Punk Rock notables as Naked Aggression, The Adicts, Menace,[3] Cheap Sex, The Skeptix, and more. After starting a family, Isha stepped down and was replaced by Ben 9000, drummer of other notable bands such as Rezurex and Jeffree Star.
The band recorded a demo in the back room of a radio station, and sent it out to underground fanzines, where it quickly received good reviews, including California’s legendary MRR.[4][5] Capitalizing on their good reviews, the band decided to record a full-length album and entered 459 Audio studios in Monrovia, California to record their debut album. In February 2004, the band finally released their first album, Repression, before heading out on their first U.S. Tour. Over the next year they toured the country relentlessly,[6] quickly selling out the thousand copies of their debut CD and gaining some attention in the Punk media[7][8][9] not only for their albums, but for their live show.[10]
The quick sales of Repression led to the band entering the studio to record a split seven-inch with New Jersey punk band Void Control. It was released in early 2005, quickly earning the band more good reviews.[11][12][13] The split-EP was also released on limited Coke bottle Green colored Vinyl, which sold out immediately and has since become difficult to find.
No Solution[edit]